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Fintonians Star in New Channel 5 Documentary

22nd September 23

On Thursday 21 September, a group of Fintonians appeared on television in the new Channel 5 documentary, “Five-a-Day: The Big Con?”

Old Fintonians Win TES SEND Poetry Competition 2022

7th October 22

We are delighted to share that a group of former Year 6 pupils have won the primary 5-11 (group) category at the TES SEND Poetry Competition 2022!


Prize Day 2019

9th July 19

What a day! After a year of hard work, it was time to celebrate endeavour, effort, progress and achievements across the school. Assembled in Wandsworth Town Hall prize giving started with some beautiful performances by the choir, recorder ensemble and Upper School band. A variety of prizes were awarded on the day both for academic subject areas as well as rewarding excellent behaviour, diligence, enthusiasm, perseverance, resilience and initiative.

Although prize day is an occasion to celebrate, it also means saying goodbye to our leaving classes. At the end of prize giving, Year 6 could not hold back the tears when watching the film premiere with memories of their seven-year journey at Finton. A very emotional moment for the children! They will be very much missed and we hope that they will visit and tell us all about their senior schools next year.

2016/17/18 Year 6 Leavers Reunion

23rd April 19

We had a fabulous time at the Year 6 Leavers’ Reunion on 22 April 2019! While parents and staff had a chance to catch up, children loved visiting their former classrooms and chatting with friends over supper. Thank you all for joining us and please stay in touch.

Memories of Finton House School

18th July 17

Looking back on their seven years at Finton House School, Year 6 prepared their final speeches for Prize Day 2017. What was for many pupils a nerve-wracking but very memorable experience, gave great pleasure to parents and staff who proudly watched their youngsters present on stage. It was a great opportunity for Year 6 pupils to reflect on their time at Finton and leave their final message, before embarking on the exciting journey to senior school. They presented beautifully in front of the large audience at Wandsworth Civic Suite and all of them have made us very proud. Below are some of the speeches:

Thomas: All the staff at Finton have given me masses of valuable advice. They have taught me how to be more resilient when needed. All the staff work tremendously hard and support us, which we all appreciate.
Madeleine: I still remember the very first moment I walked into Finton House and feeling the warmth and friendliness all around me. The teachers were there to support me then and have continued to do so whenever I have needed it.
Dylan: As a member of the Pupil Council, I have learned that it is always a good idea to be open to other people’s opinions. You should respect what they say and do even if you don’t always agree with them.
Ella: I will never forget how Finton has helped me learn the importance of helping other people, not just thinking about myself. I have treasured every moment of the last seven years and I hope that my new friendships will be as strong as those I have made here.


Head Girl and Head Boy 16/17

17th July 17


We have loved every minute of our time at Finton House School from the very beginning. From Friday afternoons with ‘Golden Time’ to celebrating having done our 11 plus exams with a bowling trip, it has been an amazing journey. We have grown from nervous four-year-olds in Reception to proud Year 6 pupils ready for secondary school. I remember walking through the school gates on my first day feeling very proud and happy to be joining my sister at this truly amazing school.


My memories of joining the school in Year 3 are of feeling quite nervous, but I soon felt at home in my surroundings thanks to my welcoming class-mates and the encouraging teachers. Finton House School has taught us many important values, including being adaptable and resilient. Every year is a new challenge as the work gets a bit harder and you have to become a bit more independent, so it is important to try your hardest, even when the going gets tough.


Being Heads of School has helped us develop skills like being organized and trustworthy. We are also more confident and independent than we were at the beginning of the year.  We would like to say to all the younger children, make the most of all the opportunities Finton gives you and – when it is your time to stand up here as leavers, you will have so many memories to take with you.


Of course, we haven’t made it all the way through the school by ourselves; we have to thank all the staff who have worked hard throughout all our years at Finton to help us make progress, be happy and prepare us for the future.  We are very grateful to all at Finton House for making us be the best people we can be.


As we move on and part ways, although will miss all our friends, we will make sure to keep in touch and come back to visit the school to tell everyone about the next chapter of our lives.


We hope you all have a marvellous summer holiday and a well-deserved rest.

Buddy Corner

16th June 17

The new Buddy Corner proudly sponsored by Year 6 parents!

We would like to say a massive ‘thank-you’ to Year 6 parents, who kindly sponsored the new Buddy Corner. We are very grateful for this fantastic new addition to our playground.

Our Year 6 students presented the Buddy Corner in the playground this week. This new bench will not only be a quiet and peaceful place of retreat from the busy playground but will also be a great spot to find a playground buddy to play with.

The Buddy Corner already proved to be very popular this week, with both Lower School and Upper School embracing the ‘quiet’ time with friends on the bench.