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Memories Of Finton House School

Memories of Finton House School

Looking back on their seven years at Finton House School, Year 6 prepared their final speeches for Prize Day 2017. What was for many pupils a nerve-wracking but very memorable experience, gave great pleasure to parents and staff who proudly watched their youngsters present on stage. It was a great opportunity for Year 6 pupils to reflect on their time at Finton and leave their final message, before embarking on the exciting journey to senior school. They presented beautifully in front of the large audience at Wandsworth Civic Suite and all of them have made us very proud. Below are some of the speeches:

Thomas: All the staff at Finton have given me masses of valuable advice. They have taught me how to be more resilient when needed. All the staff work tremendously hard and support us, which we all appreciate.
Madeleine: I still remember the very first moment I walked into Finton House and feeling the warmth and friendliness all around me. The teachers were there to support me then and have continued to do so whenever I have needed it.
Dylan: As a member of the Pupil Council, I have learned that it is always a good idea to be open to other people’s opinions. You should respect what they say and do even if you don’t always agree with them.
Ella: I will never forget how Finton has helped me learn the importance of helping other people, not just thinking about myself. I have treasured every moment of the last seven years and I hope that my new friendships will be as strong as those I have made here.


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