Finton House | Independent Prep School | London

Shine bright

As a welcoming and non-selective charitable trust, bordering Wandsworth Common, we believe in preparing your child academically, creatively and physically to thrive in an ever-changing world. We develop a breadth of knowledge, skills, and values to recognise, nurture and celebrate your child’s passions and strengths. Finton House is a secure, inclusive and happy environment where every child can shine.

A Message from the Headmaster

Happiness is in abundance here. This is largely due to the strong family ethos that is Finton House, preserved by upholding the two founding principles of the school:  a non-selective intake and a fully inclusive education…

Your journey starts here

Arrange a private tour to experience what it means to be part of our unique school community. As you walk around, observe the inspiring teaching, outstanding facilities and excellent pastoral care. Our school motto ‘Open Hearts and Guiding Hands’ sums up the warm and caring relationships that we aim to promote in order to deliver an outstanding education. Come and explore what the first steps of your child’s adventure will be....


Ethos and Aims

Our Community

ISI Report

The Sally Walker Bursary

A Glance at Finton House

Imagine being transported back to one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world, devising a strategy to tackle global warming, or letting your imagination run wild in an inspiring poetry workshop... The educational experience at Finton is more than just a journey, it is an adventure which excites children to learn and explore.

Poetry Week

"Poetry week was jazzed up by our visiting poet Joseph Coelho! He started his assembly off by talking about a useful method that he uses called MORERAPS, which stands for…