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Pupils Enjoy Fascinating Conversation with Laura Mucha

As part of our Poetry Week celebrations, our Librarians and School Reporters enjoyed a fascinating conversation with visiting poet, Laura Mucha.

Laura grew up in Newbury Park in Greater London and now resides in Hackney. When asked if she has any pets, she replied “no – I don’t want to spend my time clearing up poo! However, I do have a son so I spend a lot of my time making sure he’s OK.” When asked about her favourite food, she said “sushi and dumplings, specifically xiaolongbao which I ate a lot of when I lived in Hong Kong and worked as a lawyer”.

Did you always want to be a poet? What inspired you to start writing poems?

No! I used to be a lawyer, but then I was hit by a car and somehow that inspired me to write poetry. I don’t know why or for who, I just started writing them… and then my now-husband sent me to a poetry workshop and the tutor said “I hope you won’t be offended, but these poems would be great for children” and I said “of course not, children are amazing!” and that’s how I started writing poetry for children.

When did you write your first poem, and where do you find inspiration?

I actually had a poem published when I was at school, so I think I was 10 or 11. My grandfather was really important to me growing up, and when he died I wrote a poem. I also used to write jokey poems about cases when I was a lawyer!

Have you ever felt disappointed or annoyed when writing poetry?

Absolutely. I was recently asked to write a poem for a book which was all about empowering young people. I wrote four terrible poems but knew I’d write a good one eventually… then I wrote it at 2am when I had a eureka moment.

Do you have any advice for us about following a new path?

Before I left law, I was really good. I made good money, I wore nice clothes and generally did very well. Then when I switched careers I studied some courses in painting, drawing and collage at Central Saint Martins so that I could illustrate my own books. Suddenly I went from being the best in my class to the worst! It was quite annoying… but I became better and better. You have to be resilient and keep trying.

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