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Welcome from the Headmaster...

Thank you for visiting Finton House's website.  I hope you will spend some time exploring its pages in order to find out more about the education we provide, and to glimpse some of the special features that make Finton House stand out.

Finton House is independent co-education from 4 to 11 the way that it should be.  It is an exceptional school that benefits enormously from a clear purpose and commitment of everyone involved.  At Finton House, learning is synonymous with a sense of adventure and fun. In the classroom, on the sports field, or in the playground, the smiles on the faces of staff and pupils are not staged - they are always there, borne of trust and genuine excitement about learning and discovery.

As a father of three young children, I am keenly aware that childhood is a precious experience, and I believe school should offer children the same sense of happiness and security they feel at home.  Finton children are encouraged to be themselves.  By nurturing each child's sense of self, and by modelling strong family values: respect, good manners, tolerance, generosity and a sense of pride, we allow children to grow and learn with confidence, and it is this coupled to outstanding teaching enables them to achieve excellent results.  I am very proud that a quarter of our leavers win scholarships and awards to their senior schools.  Our inclusive approach, in the context of the huge range of opportunities available, means that Finton pupils step out of our doors with confidence and self-esteem, and a set of values which will benefit them all their lives.

It is an honour to be associated with Finton House, and I hope that you will come and see for yourself the Finton magic in action.  Please go to the Admissions page for further details of open events during the year.  We look forward to seeing you.

 HM Welcome

Latest News

  • It must be the summer term as there are barely any pupils in school this week. However it did mean there was lots of space for Year 4's amazing architectural workshop.

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  •  Year 5 are doing things outdoors with maps and ropes in Snowdonia, and Year 6 have been milking goats in Normandy.

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  • Year 3 are safely home from their Big Adventure in Devon, and the pictures tell of a great time! Parents can view more photos via the Parent Gateway.

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