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Pastoral Care

Pastoral care is central to the ethos of Finton House. We are a welcoming and friendly school with a happy working environment for both children and staff alike because of the excellent relationships we build with one another. We believe that happy children are more resilient and therefore do well academically, socially and emotionally.

Finton House aims to ensure that all children work and play to the best of their individual ability in an atmosphere of happiness and warmth. A clear moral code is important, and staff lead by example in promoting the values of kindness, respect, curiosity and self-belief. Visitors notice the confidence, happiness and good manners of our children, but it is the feel of our school that sets us apart and makes Finton House unique.

Pastoral care at Finton House is underpinned by consistent expectations, a positive approach and good communication. Children at Finton House are expected to adhere to high standards of behaviour and work at all times in accordance with the Finton Goals and school rules.

School Rules

    • Wear the correct uniform with pride (no nail varnish or jewellery, shirts tucked in, hair tied back)
    • Line up quietly and sensibly when asked
    • Always walk when inside the school building
    • Only enter cloakrooms and classrooms during playtimes, with permissions
  • No cycling or scootering in the playground at any time
  • Always cross roads in silence, looking and listening for traffic.

We recognise our own strengths and understand that they may be different from those around us. We encourage others to believe in themselves. We learn from our mistakes and can deal with success and failure.

We are kind and helpful and think of others working cooperatively. We include everyone especially those who are different from ourselves and have differing needs. We are givers, not takers.

We show respect for the needs of other people, living things and the environment. We value everyone’s views and celebrate different faiths, beliefs and cultures. We treat others as we would like to be treated.

We can share our thoughts and feelings with others through listening, speaking and by our actions. We can co-operate with each other, sharing and taking turns.

We are interested in the world around us and are keen to question, explore, learn and understand.

We keep on going when things become difficult and try to keep optimistic and never give up. We always try to do our very best.

We know the difference between right and wrong and show this through what we say and how we behave. We are honest and truthful with each other. We are able to forgive people when they do or say things which hurt our feelings.

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