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Introducing Fin Freeman, Finton’s Therapy Dog!

This week our School Reporters conducted a tell-all interview with Mr Ben… introducing Fin Freeman, Finton’s therapy dog!

At our Summer Prize Giving ceremony in July, Mr Ben announced the arrival of Fin, a cavapoo puppy who would join us in September as a therapy dog in training. Now, two weeks into the Autumn Term, our School Reporters Krish and Sophia ask Mr Ben their burning questions…


How did you find Fin, and how did you choose her from the litter?

I noticed a cavapoo belonging to a Finton family sat really calmly outside the school gate, and so I took the phone number of the breeder from the parent and made the phone call… it was perfect timing as a litter was expected in April, which worked amazingly well to then take a puppy home in July.

When choosing from the litter, there were four puppies left (two girls and two boys) but there were two other people ahead of us in the ‘queue’ and so they had first and second choice. When we saw Fin, the first thing we noticed was her colour. The second thing was that we saw a photo of all the puppies drinking milk – but Fin was lying on her back with her paws in the air!


What is the purpose of having Fin at school?

I used to have a black Labrador at my previous school, and children used to come in and say hello if they were feeling a bit low or upset. Dogs are great for children to read to and build their confidence, and dogs also always get up to funny things and make everyone laugh!


How often does she need walking?

At the moment we are being careful not to over-exercise her. She’s 4 months old at the moment and so she needs 20 minutes of good exercise a day.


You mentioned that Fin’s hair is quite hard to brush, so how do you groom her?

Well, firstly you need two brushes…

She has a toothbrush as well, but we haven’t quite tackled that yet!


What three words would you use to describe Fin?

Fluffy, fun and (at the moment) clingy!


You can follow all of Fin’s adventures on her Instagram, @finatfinton

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