January, 2019 | Finton House School
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Tate Modern Project

Month: January 2019

Tate Modern Art Project

21st January 19

We are proud to be part of an inspiring contemporary art project which will be unveiled at Tate Britain in 2019. By taking part, Year 3 pupils will see themselves in a major artwork at the heart of the nation’s collection. The workshop in January, led by the Tate photographer, explored themes central to the work like inclusion, difference, identity and aspiration.

This vast new work of art will be one of the most ambitious visual portraits of citizenship ever undertaken. It will capture tens of thousands of Year 3 schoolchildren in a milestone year in their development.

Fun 3D Learning

21st January 19

Virtual Reality transported the children to one of the oldest surviving cultures in the world. With a full 360-degree view, the children took part in a dance and didgeridoo performance and observed the cultures and traditions of the Aborigines in the North Queensland rainforest. The workshop deepened their learning through incorporating historical facts in 3D experiences. Year 3 was amazed by this immersive learning experience!

Victorian Workshop

21st January 19

The action takes place in Victorian London…

Children in Reception stepped back in time to experience the daily life in Victorian Britain this week. As the ‘new servants’ at Sudbury Manor the children had to complete household chores to the housekeeper’s satisfaction. After a day of hard work, they got to play with some typical Victorian toys, which they absolutely loved. What a memorable way to teach children about historical characters, periods and events!