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Language Learning Made Fun!

What started with a rather long and complicated French introduction and lots of puzzled faces; ended up being one of the most entertaining shows the children have ever seen. Not only did they burst out in laughter on a number of occasions, but they also were impressed by how many French words they recognised. The play was performed by two actors, one Native English and one Native French. The children were perfectly able to follow the story in both languages, which certainly boosted their confidence about their language skills.

Lyra (Year 4) wrote a lovely review about the performance:

On Thursday, the Onatti Theatre Company came to Finton House and they made my day!  Two actors performed a play to Y4, 5&6 called Le Château, where an English knight called William is sent to France to find a wife for King Henry VIII and paint a portrait of her. It was so amusing when William did a hilarious dance that I could not stop laughing.  When Catherine found out that the man she wanted to marry was engaged to someone else, she was furious! I loved the morning.  It was such a fun experience and I’m sure my friends will agree with me that I really hope Onatti come to Finton House again soon.

Lyra (Year 4)

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