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Harvest Festival

Harvest Festival

A celebration of the crops, fruit and vegetables grown on our land

This year the harvest festival assemblies for the Upper and Lower School were held by Pastor Stuart from Trinity Chapel. The celebration commenced with a harvest song, followed by Pastor Stuart’s engaging stories about Jesus and the importance of appreciating the quality of our food, and thanking all those who provide it and bring it to us.

He referred to a passage from the Bible where Jesus said: “I am the bread of life – Those who come to me will never be hungry.” Pastor Stuart went on to tell the children that Jesus only had 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish to feed thousands of people, but he thanked God for the food and made a lot out of a little and was able to feed everyone. The moral of the story is that at harvest time, when we have an array of food, we should share with our community to give to the less fortunate.

And that’s exactly what we did at Finton House!

Thank you to all the families who brought in produce. This will be delivered to the Wandsworth Food Bank on Thursday.

At the end of the Upper School Assembly, Emilia S. shared her family’s story and explained why the Harvest Festival is so important to her family and other farmers:

“Harvest is important to farmers because it is when their crop becomes ripe. This means it is ready to eat.Harvest is important to my parents and grandparents because together they own a farm in Hampshire and all year work hard to plan what to grow, when to plant it and hope that the weather is good.Harvest is important to everyone in the world as it can mean the difference between people having food on the table and going hungry.”

What a beautiful speech by such a young girl who truly understood the value of celebrating the Harvest Festival.

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