Homework encompasses a variety of activities which pupils complete outside of lessons.  These activities form an important part of their learning.

    Homework activities generally reinforce or consolidate what children have learnt in class. Therefore the greatest support that parents can give is to provide a quiet place to work. If the homework is a learning one, then parents can be an enormous help. However, as a general rule we prefer children to attempt their homework without too much assistance. The homework set each day is recorded in a homework diary.


    The following are approximate daily homework times:

    • Reception: 10 minutes reading/phonics / handwriting sheet (A weekend writing homework is introduced in summer term)
    • Year 1: 10 minutes reading/spelling plus a weekend writing homework each Friday
    • Year 2: 10 - 15 minutes various subjects
    • Year 3: 20 - 30 minutes various subjects
    • Year 4: 30 - 40 minutes various subjects
    • Year 5 & 6: 40 - 60 minutes various subjects