At Finton House we aim to stimulate our more able children in a low key and discreet manner, both during lessons and through particular activities and clubs.

    In class, all teachers produce extension activities aimed at encouraging these children to explore particular topics more deeply, consider different viewpoints and challenge themselves to ‘think laterally’ and push themselves beyond their comfort zone.

    In addition to extension work in class, children who have been identified as being particularly able in specific subjects are invited to attend a variety of mind stretching clubs such as:

    • Quiz Club; a general knowledge club where participants do a weekly quiz and compete in an interschool championship in the Spring term
    • Creative Writing Group run by a teacher who is also a published writer
    • Maths Puzzle Club
    • Recorder Ensemble
    • Sports Training in different areas

    Selected children also attend more able events hosted by Finton House and other local schools in areas such as History, Philosophy and Thinking Skills and Science.

    At every opportunity we celebrate the success of these children and try to ensure that we give them the tools to challenge themselves and foster their love of learning.