The school motto "Open Hearts and Guiding Hands" sums up the warm and caring relationships that we aim to promote in order to deliver the best education.

    Finton House was founded in 1987 as a charitable trust with two principles in mind. Firstly that young children should not have to face the pressures of a competitive entry system. Secondly that of providing an inclusive environment, where all children, including those with specific needs, have the same opportunities. These principles underpin the educational experience at Finton House.


    At Finton House:
    Everyone feels safe, happy and valued;
    Boys and girls of all abilities, including the most able and those with special educational needs,  are nurtured and challenged to make excellent personal and academic progress;
    The education is broad, embracing technology as well as using the outdoors, allowing children to discover their own strengths and passions;
    Children learn how to lead a healthy life in order to flourish in a rapidly changing world.


    Our Strategic Vision 2017